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About Us

Need your WeChat social media account, newsletters, blog posts, and other marketing materials produced in Mandarin? We are here to help! Our Chinese SEO-friendly copywriting focuses on your marketing needs.

We will communicate with you, learning your business needs and target audience, and create unique, localized content in mandarin that will speak to your Chinese reading target market.

Professional Chinese Writers

Our staff writers have written from dozens of niches & industries. We accept only native speakers from Singapore, Malaysia and China who have worked extensively with us.

SEO-optimized content

All the content is researched and written around your targeted keywords and also attracts human interest – making them suitable for Chinese language blog and WeChat content.

Flat monthly fee

No long-term commitments. The standard plan gets you 2,000 words each month and you can divide that however, you want.

Get your Chinese content written, fast.

Our staff writers are all native speakers, based in Singapore, Malaysia, and China thoroughly screened, and have worked with us extensively. It is risk-free and saves a lot of time, so get started today!

Our Mandarin Content Samples

  • 新加坡房屋估值

    房屋估值的重要性不言而喻,对于普通人来说,很可能最大的一笔钱都用在房屋上。那么,我们一起来看一下,房屋估值的方 […] More

  • 预知车贷,座驾焕新

    买车,可以预批贷款了! 现在,您可以在进行试驾之前就获得预先批准的汽车贷款。通过预批的汽车贷款,您可以更理性的 […] More

  • 2021新加坡红包行情

    您是否茫然地凝视着收到的结婚请柬,想知道您应该给这对幸福的夫妇以多少作为邀请您参加他们的结婚庆典的礼物?各地都 […] More

  • 年中才来拜太岁?

    彩蛋:看到文章最后, 小编也会分享新加坡其中一间每年都会挤满了“拜太岁”人群的庙, 大家明年就懂该到哪里摄(拜 […] More

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Give us information about your business, goals and expectations and then just sit back and relax – your content will be delivered to you a few days later.

Copywriting for blogs, social media, web…

Request anything from Chinese blog content, WeChat social media account to sales collateral & ebooks – we have mandarin writers that specialize in every kind of job.

SEO-optimized & researched articles

Publish fresh quality content and drive more organic search traffic to your site.

No contracts, no commitments – cancel any time.

How much content do you need per month?


  • 2,000 words of mandarin content per month
  • Original Research Included
  • Sourced, Royalty-Free Images


  • 4,000 words of mandarin content per month
  • Original Research Included
  • Sourced, Royalty-Free Images

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I do not like my article?

We offer free revisions that do not count against your word count for the month, as well as a money-back guarantee. That’s our guarantee.

Do you do the research? What about images?

Yes! We do preliminary research on all content and include sources to any facts or statistics we quote. We also provide royalty-free image sourcing for your content and with certain requests, if it requires research diagrams etc. we will be sure to include the original source.

How many pieces of content will I get per month? How long does each article take?

As many as you want! You have a certain quota included in your subscription, anything over that in a given month will be charged at 10c/word. Content writing generally takes about 3-5 business days per 1000 words, but it depends on the type of project.

Can I cancel any time? Is there a contract?

You can cancel any time, and there is no minimum contract – it is a month-to-month subscription.